Why Choose an Inflatable Hot Tub?

Health spa ownership. For many of us, 2 weeks. wish, the sort of luxurious purchase we make when we’ve finally ‘made it’.

It’s the ultimate in lifestyle purchases, creating an amazing space in which to relax, entertain and recuperate, but if most likely looking to purchase one, you’re quickly met by a pretty paralyzing choice – do you go fixed or inflatable?

That might appear to be an attractive simple decision. All things considered, usually are inflatable things usually throw-away? Well, not in this instance. Thanks a lot to the thick, durable plastics used in their construction, they’re capable of being used every year with little to no indication of wear – provided an individual break away the knives, that is.

But why will you choose an inflatable spa over a fixed, hard-plastic alternate? Here are a few huge reasons:


This goes without saying, but an inflatable tub offers one huge advantage over a fixed unit – portability. Your standard spa is a very heavy unit, with plenty of hard plastics, wood and internal workings which make them a permanent, set object in your home.

That’s not the situation with inflatable hot tubs, which can happily sit in one place for years before being let down, packed up and shifted to a new location. You can even take it on vacation or put it in the carport when not in use!

Ease and comfort

Now, you more than likely really accuse any tub to be ‘uncomfortable’. After all, it’s something that they’re explicitly designed against, but there’s no denying that whenever it comes to comfort, hard plastics are often less comfortable than mailable, inflatable plastics which give you a little give when you lean back into them.


Because of the lower manufacturing costs of inflatable tubs, yes and no for manufacturers to commit resources to create a great many different shapes, sizes and types of the hot tub. That means more designs to choose from and fewer accommodement if you are on the quest for your perfect product.


Inflatable hot récipient are made with less expensive materials and often have fewer built-in features like speakers, multi-jet support or advanced lighting systems.

As such, these ‘pure’ hot tubs are much more affordable than their hard-sided, set relatives. Often, you can find a high-quality blow up the hot tub for around a tenth of the price of the above mentioned hard-sided models.

Those are simply a handful of the reasons why you might choose an inflatable tub, nevertheless, they aren’t the only ones. Therefore, why hang on?