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Much talk is going on, on all public platforms about empowering women. Though the central and state governments are implementing a number of programs to improve the lot of women, many private organizations too are engaged in such activities and contribute constructively for the betterment of the women.

One such organization is Neelavanam Trust, whose primary purpose is to strengthen the livelihood of women.

About Us


Neelavanam Trust is run by people whose dream is to see Indian women excel in all fields and to financially strengthen them so that they lead a happy, peaceful and respectable social life. The trust is successful in fulfilling its dreams to a greater extent and is today a foremost organization in women empowerment activities.

The activities of the trust ranges from giving vocational training to arranging for a strong and permanent livelihood through various self-employment schemes.

Our Speciality


Neelavanam Trust is engaged in multifarious social activities rather than concentrating on a single program. So, when a person approaches the trust to get help on one particular scheme, he gets the opportunity of learning various ways to place himself or herself in a very comfortable position. This is the specialty with Neelavanam Trust.

So far, we have produced thousands of best cooks, house maids, patient attender, baby sitters in Chennai by helping them learn and get placed with good & permanent employment opportunities.

Placement Consultant


Just training a person in a particular field will not help him to gain a good life. Placing him in suitable employment is more important than just teaching him a subject. So Neelavanam Trust is very keen in finding placement for people for whom it is giving training, especially to the poor women and thus help them lead a permanently comfortable and peaceful life.

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The dream of Neelavanam Trust is to create a society where poor people attain total financial freedom. Because the improvement of a society largely depends upon the improvement of its women’s life, Neelavanam Trust chose to introduce programs that enable women to achieve an economically peaceful life.

The trust is managed by people who are highly social conscious and whose main idea is to create a strong India where poverty is wiped out through empowering women.


It is always better to train a person on how to prepare a piece of loaf instead of feeding him with loaves. Helping the women to stand on their own legs will help their entire families have a decent social status.

Based on the above principle, Neelavanam Trust has designed a number of schemes like teaching tailoring etc. Many women, especially from the economically weaker sections of the society have benefited a lot through the society-centric activities of Neelavanam Trust.

Old Age Home


Almost all of us have to undergo a period when we will be called old people. Government, in order to respect the old people, has invented the term, ‘senior citizen’. The name does not make any difference to the way old people are destined to live. The one special problem with the old people is, they will gradually lose the power of doing anything on their own. They will need the help of others to do many of their daily routines.

Because it is quite irksome for the younger people to live with the old people mainly because of lack of time to take care of them, they bring the old people to the old age homes which are not just havens for the old people, but heavens on earth for them.

Neelavanam Old Age Home in Chennai is one such old age home where aged people will start living a rejuvenated life without any botheration or feeling that they have become old.

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